25 Sep

Guidelines on Identifying a Potential Bullier

If 3 or more of these are answered in the affirmative, you may be sure that your enrollment is in the best interests of the child and family.

Does this child…

  • Have to always be the ‘first’ or the ‘winner’? Become mean if not first/not victorious?
  • Blame others without taking on any personal responsibility?
  • Declare him/herself the victim in all conflicts?
  • Become angry at—or insulted easily by—peers?
  • Seem less emotionally upset (other than indignation) than others after a conflict has occurred?
  • Enjoy seeing others make mistakes?
  • Lie/obfuscate to avoid even simple, non-serious consequences?
  • Regard rules as only applicable when adults are nearby?
  • Appear disinterested or unaffected when being scolded?

If so, direct, compassionate and constructive intervention is essential.