Rules and/or Duties for Parents or Legal Guardians

The parent or legal guardian shall…

  • read the ancillary document titled ‘Information on Parent Rights and Duties Regarding Approval of Course Content’, and will request any clarification needed at prior to the child’s viewing of any lesson video.
  • not expose their child to nor involve their child in the course without having submitted the site-based electronic enrollment application on behalf of the child.
  • notify the mentor directly and immediately if discontinuing the course before completion.
  • notify the mentor directly and immediately if skipping of any video lesson in part or whole, before the child has completed the video lesson just preceding the concerning video.
  • always seek the advice of a physician or qualified behaviorist or mental health provider with any concerns or questions they may have regarding the medical, behavioral, or mental health condition of their child. Parent(s) shall never disregard professional medical, behavioral and/or mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of something they have read, seen or heard on the Best For The Boy website or ancillary materials.
  • acknowledge that mentors are identified, approved, employed, assigned and supervised by the parent or guardian, whether services are volunteer or paid. It is understood that mentors and tutors provide service to the child’s parent or guardian, and not to Best For The Boy LLC.

    Mentor Guidelines

1. Mentoring decisions should be guided by the foundational principles.

2. There is no shame or criticism communicated to the student.

3. The mentoring of those committing acts of meanness or bullying will be non-discriminatory, non-judgmental (though factual) and respectful at all times.

4. Best For The Boy is an informational course intending to clarify the student’s understanding and appreciation of him-/her-self and to construct strategies for better choice-making. The locus of instruction should not be based on specifics of any precipitating event(s), but instead on the principles that overlay all bullying events and poor choice-making.

5. We encourage mentors to read any articles and links to articles posted on the web site or Best For The Boy LLC facebook page. They will pertain to behavior, child psychology, bullying, and/or parenting issues as they apply to your service.

6. Mentors should be available and responsive to students and parents by email on a daily basis through the duration of the course.

7. Upon completion of the course, mentors must engage their best judgment and share their honest opinion as to the sincerity of participation shown by the student throughout. The judgment and opinion of the mentor will be used to inform the site administrator as to whether or not the student will be issued a Best For The Boy seal of ‘Full & Faithful Participation’ upon the final ‘Notice of Completion’ document. No documents will be provided unless and until the course has been fully completed.
(Note that the video password will expire precisely 30 days subsequent to password delivery. No warning or reminder of discontinuance will be given; parents, students and mentors must pace and track their students’ progress carefully).

8. The seal of Full & Faithful Participation (and the fully sincere and effortful participation it confirms) refers only to the student; parent cooperation will not be evaluated, although it is understood to be highly influential to student success.

9. Mentors should (watch the Orientation video and) preview each video lesson before mentoring the student on the content of that lesson (the mentor uses the enrolled child’s password and parent email address to login and view the videos). They should also familiarize themselves with the contents of the accompanying materials before working with students.

10. Mentors must be familiar with ‘The Give Way Rule’ as described in the Parent Handbook.

11. In any case where the mentor/instructor feels unequipped to help a particular student, he/she should immediately inform parents of his/her concerns in this regard.

12. This course is designed to provide guidance to children with an event or events history indicating low and moderate risk bullying tendencies or potential. Those with evident potential for serious violence or emotional harm must be declined and/or service discontinued in favor of referral for direct psychiatric treatment and/or law enforcement.

13. Mentors are asked to perform their role in accordance with the principles, guidelines, and expectations described in the Mentor Manual, and to utilize the “GuidelinesOnLessonFollow-up” document.

14. Best For The Boy embraces the principles of openness and transparency. No information or materials provided to the mentor by Best For The Boy is to be considered restricted from parent awareness or perusal.