Standards & Expectations

Be Aware of Our Participation Standards
Students are expected to cooperate and participate faithfully in the course. Family members play an essential role in establishing and ensuring the student’s overall attitudinal health. Non-cooperative family member attitudes can impede progress.

Know What To Expect At the End of the Course— The Certified ‘Notice of Completion’
Students completing the course will be issued a ‘Notice of Completion’. This indicates that the child has engaged in lessons, activities and mentoring sessions according to schedule and through to completion; it does not specifically evaluate effort or attitude on the part of the student.

Preferable to the Notice of Completion alone is the same document with a seal of ‘Full & Faithful Participation’ affixed; this seal will be provided only if/when the student has participated positively and earnestly throughout the course, not showing poor attitude, belligerence, intractability, or disengagement/passivity in the judgment of the mentor. The seal resembles the following graphic:

Understand The Give Way Rule, aka ‘The Rule’ (may not apply equally in all cases)
Referrals to this course normally happen on the heels of an incident involving schoolmates. Whenever this is the case, the student will be told from the beginning that their first duty is to keep ‘The Rule’ in mind throughout the duration of the course.

Following the Give Way Rule is honor-based, and need not be ‘enforced’ but supported. If you read in the child’s response that he understands it but is not truly honoring the rule, remind him that The Give Way Rule is in place to help him succeed in the course, but The Rule doesn’t do the work—he must. “Choosing to follow The Give Way Rule while you’re in this course is choosing to succeed in the course.”

The Rule is clearly presented to him in the Orientation video, and is explained as follows…

“This is a course like other subjects you take in school—math, writing, science etc., and just like in school you have rules. I want you to succeed in this course, so before you begin I must give you one rule that you are expected to follow without questions or complaints in order to be successful… The Rule: for the duration of this course, stay away from the person(s) you have recently had problems with.

Because of what happened, the problem that brought you to this course, it is now your job to stay away from that person (or those people) to the maximum extent possible. No words, no eye contact, no standing or walking nearby. This is your job, and you might not succeed in this course if you choose not to accept The Rule. You and your mentor will talk more about this later. Meanwhile, think about The Rule and how you can stick to it. It won’t be easy. You might need to talk to your classroom teacher for help with this one. If the other person is a family member, you’ll probably need help from your parents.”

As we know, there are times in the course of a school day/week when students unintentionally cross paths. There are times when it is academically necessary for students to work together, to share or collaborate.

The spirit of The Give Way Rule is that…
– the student himself is not free to decide when such interface is necessary
– interface it is only necessary when a parent, teacher or administrator has given explicit instructions that make it necessary
– on those occasions when the student inadvertently finds himself in the immediate presence of the other person, it is considered this student’s responsibility to immediately move away