What’s Involved

Mentoring, while following the guidelines we provide in the Mentor Materials, is not difficult for a mature adult with some experience in working with children. It simply requires the adult to be caring (toward all parties concerned), available (to the child and his family for the 30-day period), and above all honest (often calling on you to be downright blunt, without being sarcastic or angry, without conveying frustration or intolerance).

As a mentor, you’re the go-between for the child and this course; without you, it’s unlikely that the child would be motivated to fully commit and to properly complete the course, to really think about it all, and to begin to accept responsibility for his/her behavior… nor in special cases to satisfy the referring party’s (school, court) need for certified success in fulfilling an assigned consequence for their poor behavior. Your role will be to keep the child “on track”, to watch the lesson videos (one by one) that the student is to watch, to discuss the content of those lessons with the child by web video tool and to incorporate some of the reinforcing techniques recommended in the Mentor Materials. Then you’ll both go on to the next video lesson and the next follow-up discussion, etc.

A mentor’s duties will include:

  • the time it takes to achieve basic familiarity with the principles, content and procedures for this course (scanning the website as necessary, and reading and referring to this and the accompanying Mentor Materials).
  • watching each of the 8 – 12 minute (average) lesson videos once yourself prior to the mentor-student discussion, and reminding the student to also watch each video before scheduling your next meeting.
  • meeting with the student by Skype or similar video e-tool to discuss each lesson, one-by-one, while assessing understanding and elaborating on the lesson ‘message’ as necessary, with specific guidance from the Mentor Materials.
  • communicating information and/or concerns or suggestions to parents, if any.
  • making any needed email inquiries to us here at Best For The Boy.
  • completing a simple evaluation of student attitude and performance at the end of the 30-day course.