Who We Are

Though originally unnamed, Best For the Boy was conceived in 2010 and has been steadily developed and utilized off-web. It is still what it was originally conceived to be—a short-term after-school lesson set focusing on providing boys with someone to talk to (or if necessary, with someone providing a caring but direct “talking to”) about their unfortunate, destructive choices.

The model was “discovered” by a group of parents and educators who appreciated the need for relevant and consequential– though non-punitive– options, and supported the publication of the concept. As a result, Best For The Boy™ is herewith presented as a web-based resource for any and all boy advocates who object to treating the child as an object of ridicule & condemnation.

The original author and child advocate Ronald Wilson has been a social worker, classroom teacher and school counselor for the past 27 years. His wife Barbara (who likewise holds a master’s degree in education) is also a life-long educator and child advocate, specializing in student learning differences and providing special needs consultation. They have lived and taught in the United States, Africa, China, India, South-east Asia and the Middle East.